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Four Perspectives on IBM on a Friday

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I know just how hard Nick Hortovanyi has worked to deliver IBM technology into the Australian SMB market, and what a thankless task it’s been. Just because his company is called Toast doesn’t mean he should be treated like it.

One particular comment today in a piece about how the hardware VARs always got the love at IBM (Hey Nick, it happens internally to SWG too, for what its worth. its always easier to give away software than hardware) struck me squarely:

“Also we noticed during this period, that IBM was advertising X Series hardware on the popular IT related web sites. I think the slogan was “… and best of all, it comes pre-installed with Microsoft Small Business Server”.

So much then for software success in SMB. What really got me about the Windows SBS note was the contrast with a blog from Lotus maven and sales leader Ed Brill, with respect to Project Liberate, “IBM’s consulting team that can help you save costs on Microsoft licensing.”

So what’s it to be? Feed the addiction or help customers crack it? Perhaps the strategy to keep feeding Microsoft into the mid-range, put focus on IBM Software for the Fortune 500?

Talking of the F500 I was very happy to see this press release from IBM today:

“From Cradle to Grave: IBM Consulting Offering Helps Clients Make Products “Greener” — Cars, Electronics, Consumer Products, Etc.”

That’s the right thinking for the times. We’d be interested in hearing more and writing about it in depth over at Greenmonk.net, our sustainability services blog. IBM may occasionally over egg the need for its “end to end” capabilities, but when it comes to Green supply chains the pitch makes sense. I wonder what the IBM consultants will make of my Bit Miles imperative.

Finally I just want to thank the Eight Bar chaps and chapesses for their ongoing contributions to all of us, and particularly to Hursley, 50 years old last week, but still at the the heart of IBM and UK innovation.


  1. […] in terms of what I can say about my current projects, but inspired to respond to long time buddy James Governors blog or twitter […]

  2. Thankyou for the props for eightbar. We are all very into what we do, and creating some sort of innovation sub brand by accident gives us all a personal flag to rally around.
    It sometimes hard to tell if thats valued by some people, but hearing people like your good self tell us makes a huge difference.

  3. Thanks James, I’ve written up a little blog entry which I hope will give some a little more insight into what I’m experiencing in the SMB market now http://blogs.toasttechnology.com.au/roller/hortovanyi/entry/ibm_vs_ibm_in_smb

    Lotus Bluehouse is interesting, but does this represent IBM reentering into the application market?

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