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Our newest customer: a little TX outfit called Dell

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Normally when I announce a new client I say a little bit about the company, but in the case of Dell what can I tell you that you don’t already know? One of the reasons I am so excited about the opportunity is that RedMonk works best with organisations that are open to change. We don’t really “do” conservative. We work best at clients that want fresh thinking, fresh perspectives, and cultural change.

When Dell was “just a PC company” we really had very little to say to the firm. When Dell became the industry leader in Wintel servers we still didn’t have much to say to the firm. In fact we really didn’t have much to say to Dell, ironically enough, until it had some tough quarters and so began to reinvent itself. The Soul of a New Dell. Now that’s interesting to us…

Dell is now doing a far better job of engaging in conversations with customers, twittering for example, going hardcore with a green agenda, listening more actively than talking, and so on. Its in that environment that we plan to play. And Stephen will be happy because Dell supports pre-installed Ubuntu… 😉

RedMonk will be working with Dell in some key areas: notably sustainability. That’s right- Dell has signed up for advisory services based on our Greenmonk research agenda. One reason Dell is really exciting from a sustainability perspective (Well done Dell!) is that its an incredible supply chain innovator. Dell is a bit like Wal*Mart in this respect- it is in a position to do so much good in terms of creating lower carbon supply chains. In The World is Flat author Tom Friedman lauded Dell for sending components hither and thither around the world with low cost oil as the enabler. So what comes next? Hardware as a service, anyone? Reduced Bit Miles via Cloud.

We’re going to help Dell understand how the world is changing and respond accordingly. Unlike some of our smaller clients however, I don’t expect our help to lead to the company’s acquisition 😉

Dell is our first vendor customer that clearly isn’t a software company, and its a marquee name in what are increasingly tough economic times. What’s not to like?


  1. Thanks for the welcome, James. We’re looking forward to listening, talking and stretching minds. Should be fun!

  2. Cool post, and congrats on the new contract. Some positive news about Dell, should help them establish more presence as a brand rather than just a company.

  3. What a great client to work for! Dell have certainly excelled in the online space in recent years, so much so that I have switched to them on my latest laptop purchase!

    It will be great working with a client that understands this space.

  4. Congrats on the Dell deal, James…Dell is one of our favorite strategic alliance partners and it sounds like a lot is going on there. Should be fun. And sounds like you will be visiting my beloved Austin Hill Country in the near future. Let me know if I can guide you to the best BBQ dives!

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