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Prism Microsystems: To Secure USB sticks

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Its always good to see a client do something new and interesting with its core technology, opening up a new market, which is why I was pleased to see this news from Prism Microsystems.

USB sticks continue to be a major threat to IT security, because they are so easily the basis of an inside job. A disgruntled employee could just grab and go. USB security is a whole market in its own right, with any number of specialist players. For Prism though USB protection is a feature, rather than a product.

Perhaps most importantly Version 6.2 of EventTracker offers real-time alerting of USB policy breaches. In other words, its not going to be an after the fact batch when you suddenly discover someone accessed a machine they shouldn’t. The software also monitors any changes to data on the target systems when a USB stick is introduced. I haven’t seen it demonstrated yet but Prism also claims the software can disable a USB stick in this context.

Prism uses the old RedMonk video demo trick, and if you’d like to know more check it out here.

thanks to @edans for the CC Attribution 2.0 photo!


  1. Interesting, thanks for this info. USB sticks are the ultimate spy data transfer tool. This is better than plan B, which is having magnetic door frames that erase everything that goes through them…

  2. Well no new outstanding features have been built or provided with new releases in some time. Whats their product roadmap like? Little to none!!!!.

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