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CloudCamp London, Avoiding Monsters

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“The idea of cloud computing — designed around an architecture whose natural state is a shared pool outside the enterprise — has gained momentum in recent months as a way to reduce cost and improve IT flexibility. But the use of cloud computing also carries with it security risks, including perils related to compliance, availability, and data integrity.”

The dangers of cloud computing, Ephraim Schwartz

Something about this piece really got my gander up. Dangers and Perils- Here Be Dragons. Ah yes the beauty of FUD.

here be dragons

For those of you that realise the world isn’t either/or and that we’re going to see a mix of on premise and cloud, and that for all the initial irrational fears there will be riches and assets to be discovered out there. For those that realise if we start with cloud computing we’re not going to sail over the edge of the world, we bring you… Cloud Camp London. Its tomorrow, July 16th, at the Crypt on The Green in Clerkenwell. See you there

the image above comes from Olaus Magnus.


  1. I’m glad it got your gander up. The article was correct.

    Wholesale “SaaS is great! SaaS loves you with warm fuzzies!” propaganda might get you more attention up front but it will eventually kick you in the arse.

    Those of us who demand that specific concerns are addressed before going ahead with a contract are increasingly pissed off with the vendors that claim that SaaS fixes everything.

  2. Balance is required in any technology, but the word “perils” just seemed rather old-fashioned to me. The fact is IT needs to do a better job of securing and managing networks and delivering services both external and internal. While I completely agree that SaaS doesn’t fix all problems, its going to be an important part of the mix. There is nothing inherent in cloud computing that makes it less suitable for enterprise use.

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  5. It’s dander, not gander.

    1. uh- no it not. both are in use. dander and gander.

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