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CloudCamp Comes to London:

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cloudcamp london

Over breakfast on March 13th, we started to work out 15 Ways To Tell Its Not Cloud Computing. It was a good discussion, there is often plenty of truth in humour (just as there is often a kernel of truth in a rumour). One of my partners in crime that day, Alexis Richardson of Elastic Server has now gone about 500 better, and is bringing CloudCamp to London, in conjunction with a bunch of partners. The idea is to be as unconferency as possible. We’re all experts, or we’re all dunderheads. We’ll be using Open Space methodologies accordingly.

Basically we want to foster a conversation about Cloud Computing, how it can be applied, what the advantages are, who the best providers are, and what it means to your organisation. There will be lightening talks, but more importantly free beer and pizza.

There is talk of running the event outside, but it being London, you can be assured it will tip down if we do… It’s July 16th starting 1t 6:30pm. Please register here.

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  1. I recently posted a recap of CloudCamp San Francisco (along with some discussion of Structure 08 and Velocity) here:


    CloudCamp San Francisco was a blast and fun to organize. I managed to capture a cool picture of our session board if you want to get a sense for some of the discussion at the event.


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