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Adobe RedMonk SAP Enterprisey Nanoconference: London July 11th

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I am always interested in community spanning, and one of the most interesting community mashup dynamics of recent times has been SAP meets scripting language hackers, exemplified by this SAP T-Mobile case study I wrote up. So what does this have to do with Adobe? Well, Adobe Flex is making a nice home for itself in the SAP ecosystem, because its a solid and rapidly productive platform for application re-skinning, improving native SAP UIs and so user flow. Plenty of Java developers are also now learning Flex for similar reasons, and we’re beginning to see more corporate adoption.

Anyhow, on July 11th, James Ward IV, one of Adobe’s evangelists, is in town, so I thought why not bring some different folks together to discuss enterprisey opportunities for Adobe and so on. Given Jim can talk fluent Flex, but can also spell Spring and Hibernate, which are now deeply entrenched in UK financial services, I thought we could establish a pretty nice quorum.

The event will be Adobe’s new offices in Regent’s Park. There may be some coding, but mostly I just want to bring some smart people together, to learn a little. I am inviting some people, but if you’d like to come please do let me know. And yes I did realise that if the event is turned into an acronym its ARSEN. What is a nanoconference? No idea – I just figured it was even smaller than a micro-conference. This one is definitely an intimate event.


  1. Hi James,

    I’d like to come, please – maybe I can do a nice Flex-based front-end to ESME.


  2. Sweet! I’ll be there! 🙂


  3. Awesome Darren we’d love to have you there. i was planning to ping the folks that went along to the recent SAP UK Community Day, but it looks like this blog did the trick! Anyone else in particular you recommend we invite?

  4. Hi james, Tom sent me this – when is kick off? Oh and can I come please?

  5. Sounds like a great idea and I hope it will work out better for me then the SAP UK Community Day. Looking forward to it.

  6. Hi James,

    I’ll send the link to the Axon guys who may be interested. Other than that, I think you know the same usual suspects that I do…


  7. shaping up nicely. it wouldn’t be right without you, henry.

    cheers Darren.

  8. Hi James

    Very interested in Flex and SAP so would definitely like to attend.


  9. Hi James,

    Here’s the list of guys from Axon who’ll be coming:
    – Me
    – Shamin Mannathukkaran
    – James Woodhouse
    – Ian Stubbings
    – Dan Nwume


  10. I would definately like to attend. Can you please send me any further details?


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  14. James,

    Can you give us any details about what time to turn up, and the precise location of Adobe’s offices in Regent’s Park?


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