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The Difference Between Press and Bloggers

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Yesterday Oliver posted a couple of images that made an interesting juxtaposition.

I leave it to the reader to work out which are the bloggers…


  1. Could it be that the ones on the right are having a round-table meeting, while the ones on the left are actually working?

    Just guessing…


  2. […] my fellow Enterprise Irregulars are at SAP’s European Conference, SAPPHIRE 08 in Berlin, and James Governor juxtaposed two photos taken […]

  3. Hey Dave it was likely a happy accident (although i know they specifically booked a room with a view). Its just the way the rooms worked out. But the bloggers here do work together quite collaboratively, which is cool.

  4. What a contrast: look at the nice lights, the carpet, the open space. Journalists are pampered, while the bloggers have to drink their coffee from paper cups, get light only through windows and even have to share the table. Very interesting.

  5. Monkchips:

    Really nice pictures -:) Makes me remember when I was sitting in the SAP’s Blogger Corner at TechEd Vegas 2008…Bloggers really rocks -;) We always had more fun -:)



  6. Well, being that I blog, and I work at a newspaper, I’m tempted to post your entry. But being that I’m not paid to blog, and am paid by the reporters’ labor, I probably won’t spit in the wind. Still . . . it’s tempting.

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