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Diligent Storage is Green Storage

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IBM’s latest acquisition. I’m just sayin…

Diligent develops in-line data de-duplication software that is integrated with server and storage infrastructures to help organizations significantly reduce the amount and cost of physical storage required in data centers. Enterprise and mid-sized organizations are faced with data centers that are reaching a breaking point of complexity and manageability, while at the same time experiencing explosive demands for storage for new data, transactions, email and back-up files.

Oracle also advises you to Throw Away Half Your Disk Drives (you gotta love the asterisk clause…)

Virtualisation has obvious potential in reducing storage volumes. But de-duplication is also going to be a very big deal. Think how data volumes are exploding. I just bought a new hard drive- 500Gb for less than a hundred quid. wow.


  1. It’s nice that Oracle NOW understands that efficient use of disk capacity is important.

  2. James – yes, this acquisition ends questions of how IBM was going to add deduplication to their product line. Looks like De-dup has been picked up by large market vendors, which is a good thing. IBM now has Diligent, HDS OEMs Diligent. EMC bought Avamar for de-dup, HP OEMs Sepaton, NetApp bought Alacritus. Sun partners (OEMs) FalconStor for de-dup (and resells Diligent).

    Now the industry will invariably move to who’s approach is better – where is the best location to do your de-dup magic? Inline or post-processing? Which apps and data work best with de-dup? Where should one avoid it? How do you manage or minimize the perfromance hits you will take with de-dup? Yadda, yadda

    Its been fun watching this technology come of age – it just makes sense…

  3. Great contribution Taylor – thanks. Its not a market I follow closely so your information is very helpful. Extremely cool to be coming from a Sun employee, commenting on a blog about IBM without a hint of snark. I wonder if the Diligent reseller agreement will continue? no reason why not. And it will be interesting to see it evolve as you say.

    It won’t be long before IBM markets its green cred, I should think. It would be nice to get a comment here from the horse’s mouth.

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