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Energy Camp: the unconference for oil at $120+ a barrel

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In case you hadn’t noticed, my pet project GreenMonk is now bleeding over into RedMonk proper. Having initially thought I would focus more on social change underpinned by the familiar RedMonk playbook – namely open source and social media and grassroots adoption triangulated with a good dollop of “enterprisey” – I have been pulled back into IT. Well they do say stick to what you know.

Last week I presented at IBM’s Impact 2008 event on Green SOA (must remember to post those slides!), before running an unconference for some of IBM’s biggest customers – how many times do you go to any technical conference these days, let alone an unconference, where you are fairly certain nobody in the group except the IBM employees or the organizers has a blog, let alone a twitter account. It was extremely interesting to take the temperature of the IBM installed base around SOA. We’re all doing it but nobody except Gartner seems to be able to say what it is.

I am pretty excited that next month we’re mashing up the sustainability agenda with the unconference format, as practiced by my new partner in crime David Berlind. He gives the skinny here.

Energy Camp is free to attend and anyone who comes will get a free pass into Interop as well. If you’re interesting in going, we’ve got a registration page set up on the official camp Web site.

Please forgive the somewhat inflammatory headline, but its not me deciding the price of oil. Most IT organisations currently don’t even pay their electricity bill, as the facilities manager covers it. That. is. going. to. change. Are you ready for that? If not why not come to energy camp? If you have it nailed, come anyway, and teach people how to deal with power when its so damned expensive.


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