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Moderated screencasting from RedMonk: Check it out

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Cote has been doing some really outstanding video work for us all year, but recently he has stepped it up a gear. We’re beginning to build a nice little business around what we call “moderated screen-casting”, a format where an interview with a product lead is carried out while they demo their wares. The Eclipse Foundation has been a really good customer; not surprising perhaps given we’re consistently seeing upwards of 20k views for Eclipse related content. That’s right- nearly 25k views for a screen-cast of Eclipse modeling tools.

Someone recently claimed RedMonk wasn’t innovating in new media. To which I say – eyewash.

Go check out the format- we’d love your feedback.

Eclipse Rich Ajax platform, part 1

Or how about Atlassian JIRA integrated with everyone’s new favourite developer productivity tool, Mylyn.

We’re currently looking for 2008 sponsors for RedMonkTV as we build out the model. If you’re interested please email me jgovernor [at] redmonk.com

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