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Thank Frank! Send me a press release any time.

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There has been some to and fro this year about being bombarded by press releases. Journalists have always had to deal with a gushing torrent of trash sent to them that neither they, neither their readers, have any interest in. Today bloggers have to deal with some of the same issues.

But turning it on its head, I just want to say how happy I am every time I get a press release from Frank Strong, director of marcoms at Managed Objects. You see Frank has earned my respect – very much the hard way. He went off radar for a while… and then suddenly popped up after two years. Where had he been? On a tour of duty in Iraq as a reservist.

At a time when most of us are just thinking about size of, or lack of, bonus, how the economy will do next year, just how drunk we’re going to get tonight, where we can find a Wii for the kids, or whatever, Frank is probably just thanking God he is back for Christmas. Regular readers will know I am one of those anti-the-war-but-support-the-people-at-the-front-line-making-sacrifices types. If you don’t approve of my position I could care less. But I just wanted to say thanks Frank for the risks you took. I am really glad you’re sending me press releases again. I know that State of South Carolina just selected Managed Object’s CMDB360 platform to underpin its service management strategy.

What can I say? Happy Christmas Guy.

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