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Sun wins the Dopplr 2 By A Nose

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Well the results are in folks. During the course of last week both IBM and Sun pretty much doubled their dopplr user populations, but Sun came out just ahead by close of play on Friday.

I am sure some of you are wondering why on earth I instigated the competition. The main reasons were that that not only am I genuinely interested in the dynamics of service adoption but I also know dopplr has business utility. But games are fun, and anyone that saw Flickr’s adoption curve knows that playfulness can a key to increased subscriber numbers.

I was also interested to see what kind of impact a monkchips call to action might make on two of my biggest clients, companies I am significantly networked with. Because I share an office with dopplr I could check out the results in real-time. The competition was a Web 2.0 and social media experiment.

Thanks everyone at Sun and IBM that participated. Special props to Superpat who initially asked the great question-why IBM?

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