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Web 2.0 Design Patterns: the Book

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I contributed to a new O’Reilly publication looking at Design Patterns for Web2.0. The lead author is Adobe’s Duane Nickull. Here I chat to him about the book, the essential tensions of Enterprise vs. Web, Big SOA vs. little SOA, and how we hope the work might become a community document.
Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at http://www.podtech.net/home/4420/web-20-design-patterns-the-book


  1. James.
    on my Christmas book list.

  2. Tool cool! Congratulations, this looks like a great read – I need to order.

    Check out the SVN book published by O’Reilly with a Creative Commons Attribution license: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/

    I would love to get in on this project.

  3. Looks great; can’t wait. When is the release date?


  4. not sure when it comes out guys. you’re making me nervous.

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