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On Solidarity With Our Brothers in Burma

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Red monks as a force for democracy, from the grassroots up. I pray that things work out without violence – and I am not much of a praying man. Not sure how to help, but I am touched by these demonstrations. Amnesty describes torture in Burma as “an institution”. These guys are showing real courage in the face of a a hardcore regime and deserve our support. Here are some online petitions that might help raise awareness, but I really need to educate myself more on the situation.

burma protests
Photo courtesy of racoles


  1. James, I’ve been thinking of you guys as we watched the progress of these brave souls. I’m glad you mentioned this issue, and agree, they need our support

  2. thanks Puni – the stoicism involved in these protests is breaking my heart.

  3. Burma Schmurma…

    I’m just as bored by what’s happening there as most liberal bloggers seem to be….

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