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links for 2007-09-25

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  1. James, to answer your obvious question both Charlene and Josh contribute to the same blog. The new league table is currently being finalised and should be published on Monday next week – let’s see if RedMonk continue to dominate…

  2. so what are you measuring then jonny? i mean if we had a group redmonk feed, comprised of the three redmonk blogs, you’d measure our influence as one person?>

  3. Good question James.

    I am measuring (where possible) an individual blog.

    For example Hitwise has a group blog and four analyst specific ones. Looking at the Technorati authority (one of the metrics I use) – their group blog has an authority score of 998, whereas Hitwise’s leading blogger analyst, Heather Hopkins merely has an authority of 308. In this scenario I ignore the group blog and only count the individual.

    Forrester though are in a strange situation as they allow mulitple people to publish on the same blog. If RedMonk chose to group your blogs together you will no doubt score far higher on Technorati but in my opinion this goes against some of the true value of blogs – i.e. the valued opinion of the individual – where this is diluted across multiple publishers then the voice of that blog often is confused, contradictory and hard to trust.

    Good luck regardless – the version you linked to was published in June – the update will come out on Monday.

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