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Hidden In Plain Sight: Women in Tech

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Tara Hunt does us all a great service by pointing to a “seemingly endless” list of female tech innovators. But the real key to her superb post is to make us revisit our assumptions. It seems like we’re so locked into the “where are the women?” question that we stop seeing them, when they are right there in front of us all the time- a blindness that seems to affect both sexes.

She’s Geeky looks cool. Tara – if you want some input on dealing with industry analysts (interestingly enough one sector where women are well represented, but we really need some more racial diversity…) please let me know.

she's geeky

Extra bonus advice: Don’t Diss The Competition. I have been trying to cut out the anti Gartner crap, and I think Tara’s on point here. David and Goliath is always a good story, but its misleading.

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