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The Age Of Indiscretion: BarCampESM, a camp for sysops dorks

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The thing is… anyone can be a dork – whether they are an enterprise sysadmin, a developer, a vendor or whoever. Dorkery doesn’t know boundaries. Professional/Amateur/User/client/customer/vendor. Discrete boundaries are dissolving- which is why I am starting to call it the Age of Indiscretion. Bring a lot of like-minded people together and creativity happens. They don’t have to come from the same communities, just have some of the same interests. This is not a broadcast model, with us and them, buyers and sellers… its something different – and it great to see the Camp ethos come to systems management. I think we said BMC was in danger of becoming cool or something – something about a whurley gig. As Cote says Austin is the a great place to have this event. Austin is where the systems management mafia is. By acquiring Tivoli back in the day IBM effectively invested a few hundred million dollars into the Austin tecosystem, and its been turning up systems management innovators ever since. BarCampESM sounds like fun. I hope Microsoft participates by sending some folks to show off PowerShell – its a social object for sysops dorks.

“It’s time for the systems management community to start acting like one. BMC is taking the lead, with the help of several open source projects, bloggers, analyst, and even competitors. We’re sponsoring the world’s first Enterprise System’s Management BarCamp. Like BarCamp, DevCamp, and SuperHappyDevHouse, BarCampESM will throw users, developers, vendors, and anyone else interested in systems management together at a non-commercial event, organized by volunteers, with free attendance for all.”

client disclosure: BMC, Microsoft

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  1. When and where is it?
    How many people attend?

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