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On Redmonk’s Carbon Footprint

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James asks about our air miles. We definitely burn up too much carbon. Consulting, which in theory should be low carbon, is actually a carbon intensive business because of all the travel. None of us like traveling that much, but face to face is still an important element in most businesses (note that Google, eBay and so on are all facetime campuses). I should probably use one of the many carbon calculators and come back with a more measured response. Suffice to say we’re thinking about the issue, but we’re not ready for formal reporting at this point. That’s not good enough, but I am not going to lie about it. One thing you may well see in future is a mapping between our dopplr travel and our carbon consumption- linking declarative living with earth resource accounting.

dog's carbon footprint

Picture courtesy of Jem, used under a creative commons attribution 2.0 license.


  1. i think all of us would be happy to dramatically reduce our air-travel derived carbon footprint, it’s getting customers to agree to that that’s the problem.

  2. Wouldn’t it be neat if dopplr had a built-in carbon calculator? It could even offer info on offsetting options. And maybe show you your friends’ travel-related carbon balance. Network effect might encourage people to become more conscious of their carbon footprint?

  3. hey isabel i am saying nothing given i office share with the CTO. but yes that would be spiffing….

  4. How about a system of Worldwide Individual Carbon Credits. 1 ton per person now, reduced bit by bit until we reach the needed 80-90% reduction in worldwide fossil fuel production.

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