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links for 2007-07-26

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  1. Hi James! Yes, indeed, believe me, it will be worth while the time. Although I bet, from what you have been blogging lately, most of it would not be news for you, but for those folks who may not be familiar with what IBM is up to nowadyas this is one of those interviews that will give you all of the details and perhaps change the way you thought about it. We shall see.

  2. James: As mentioned in my keynote (I think SOG heard it), we have little Ubuntu in production. That said, a year ago we also had almost no Ubuntu in evaluation, either. If history is any indicator, today’s evaluation platforms will convert to tomorrow’s production platforms. Not perfectly, and not 22% (by next year, anyway), but I would guess that we’ll see 5% (or more) of this Ubuntu base in production. Not necessarily the same people, but a ratio of maybe 25% of existing evaluation on Ubuntu should translate into 2008 production numbers. Stay tuned!

  3. wow matt thanks for the incredibly fast response time and the very good, open data.

    i still think we’ll see bluebuntu eventually…

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