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Office space? Invest in Hackney: more local praise

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While I am doling out the praise another organisation I have been meaning to thank is Invest In Hackney. Hackney is one of the poorest boroughs in London, but it is also by far one of the most vibrant. I live in Hackney, and my wife was born and bred here.

When I was looking for a new office I initially thought all I needed to do was Twitter. I tried craigslist and a host of expensive of serviced office agencies. During my searching I came across some property references to Invest In Hackney, so I thought why not phone them up? By the end of the call I was pretty unimpressed: apparently they would get back to me, within a week. Within a week??? A week later, still no office, and the email arrived. It was a good long list so I tried a few of the properties. Its worth noting the catchment area stretches all the way to Hoxton and Shoreditch because that is where I ended up: Hoxton Market. So thanks to Simon Dilly, Invest in Hackney and the Renaisi regeneration agency. Good work: not only did you get me an office, but i am sharing, so you can also now boast that you brought one of the UK’s coolest startups, dopplr, into Hackney too.

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