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One Laptop Bag Per Child

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Is it just me, or is Ed some kind of godlike genius? Here is his suggestion:

“Someone mentioned to me yesterday that a good charity to donate to would be the One Laptop per Child project: http://laptop.org/

It also would open up the possibility for everyone to donate their conference laptop bag (I get at least 3 per year). Surely the kids getting their $100 laptops could use a nice laptop bag to go with it.”

Stephen- you know the OLPC folks- do you know someone I can work with on this? No crappy bags though!


  1. BTW, I have about 15 to donate

  2. i’m absolutely for this. currently i just give my bags to my Dad, who gives them away on the exchange.

    as long as we’re getting them, we might as well turn them over. let me check w/ the OLPC folks on the subject.

  3. On a cautionary note, I once attended a meeting with some experts on disaster relief and I learned that one of their main problems is all the old clothes that people send in that no one needs.

    Donors think they’re doing a good thing by sending some old pants halfway round the globe, while those on the other side of the world who survived the earthquake or tsunami have more urgent needs: food, water, electricity, civil order, and so on.

    This suggests that donation of your time or money could be more helpful than some conference swag.

  4. Quoting Dave: This suggests that donation of your time or money could be more helpful than some conference swag.

    Dave, this would suggest that spending time and money on OLPC itself would also be useless. Imagine what a kid in the desert would do if she walks back from school to home with her OLPC laptop under her arm. She definitely needs my laptop bag! Kidding aside, I really think it’s a good idea.

  5. What a great idea. A better idea, indeed, than the OLPC project itself.

  6. Nice idea. Like most other readers of this blog, I’ve got plenty of never used, nice laptop bags that were given to me at various conferences, etc.

  7. It’s a great idea. You could probably arrange with conferences to have a donation box right next to the conference registration booth. (Any new bag I got would go straight in the box!)

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  10. Did anyone find out if laptop.org wants these laptop bags and how to go about donating them?
    My company frequently has many gently used, nice bags. We are looking for a home for them.

  11. My son’s elementry school is looking for aproximately 32 laptop bags for the intervention dept. who just lost thier classroom and now each child will have to carry the laptops up and down the stairs with the cords and headsets. Please respond to this if you have any to donate.

  12. Do you still need them? Where are you located Dianna?

  13. Our school has about 80 laptop bags to give away. is there an organisation that can benefit from them please?

    1. thanks for asking @natasha. actually haven’t been tracking this lately. but it seems a shame there still isn’t an organisation set up to do this.

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