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Something strange about WordPress

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Its the only platform I can think of which, if I was asked to suggest a tool for something-in this case blogging-I wouldn’t start by saying: “well, that depends…”. WordPress is as close to a binary recommendation as I get, recent security concerns notwithstanding. Security is made better by transparency, in my opinion. Webware 100 winner– but of course.

disclosure: RedMonk.com runs on WordPress
recommendation: if you’re looking for mad WordPress skillz check out CrowdFavorite.


  1. James,
    Who would you recommend for a new design, layout, and just a good technology person?

  2. What’s the webware for anyway?

  3. Hey Ev how you doing? I would definitely recommend Alex King, founder of Crowd Favorite. He has a good eye for design, is great at grokking and interpreting client requirements, and he has really solid technical skills. Not much not to like, really. Only problem – he is always in demand

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