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Don’t be an ass: work for MuleSource

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Check this out. It seems like the Mule team is hiring a bunch of people as they build out a company around their core open source ESB. The chaps are a lot of fun, the code is well liked, and is being downloaded and deployed all over the place, usually in conjunction with Spring. Mule is a client, but I had not realized they had so many positions vacant. If you’re interested in a role within pragmatic open source I would definitely fire over a resume.


Here is what they are looking for:

Director of Marketing

Director, Engineering or Manager, Engineering

Director, Product Management or Manager, Product Management

Principal Software Engineer / Architect – Core Team

Principal/Senior Test Automation Engineer – Test Team

Product Marketing Manager

QA Director / QA Manager

Senior Software Engineer – Core Team

Senior Web Developer – MuleForge

Software Engineer – Core Team

Solutions Architect/Technical Director

Support Manager

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  1. Don’t be an ass……

    A few years ago I spent quite a bit of time figuring out Mule. Initially on the projects homepage they referenced the EIP book( shameless ad on the right). The project really demonstrated that they were really taking the patterns in the book and wer…

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