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Does IBM need a new software brand for the grassroots? And Big Blue’s Source code backlash

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Just wondering. If the target audience is developers, rather than people that manage the people that manage developers, the majority have little if any interest in Governing Software And Systems Delivery. They just want productive tools. Stephen says:

“Rational is evolving in two distinct directions simultaneously.”

Is there a fork in the road ahead, which will lead to a new brand? Talking of forks, the other big news from Rational’s conference last week was the unveiling of what IBM calls “Open Commercial Development”, where IBM shows off the source code, but tightly manages contribution and distribution rights. Open source is fundamentally disruptive, and not every contribution has obviously benefited IBM- so what about shareholders? Open Commercial Development is one answer and will bring IBM closer to some of Microsoft’s Shared Source approaches. Everyone needs to be careful though, because forking can have consequences.


disclosure: IBM and Microsoft are both clients.
photography courtesy of Cote. I was looking for his famous plastic breaking fork picture but this one struck my as entirely apposite.


  1. I think I like the idea of Rational Lite, aimed at real developers rather than the governance managers … I have been there and thought it could be better done.

    Don’t you see the OCD (now THERE’S an acronym!!) as being nowt nor summat (as a Yorkshireman might say)?

  2. neither nowt nor summat? love it. fish nor fowl. OCD? No no no – IBM is supposed to be appealing to people with ADD, not OCD…. 😉

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