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Wait what the hell happened BMC turned cool?

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I am sitting here on a Saturday working on a book rather than going for a walk with my wife and son on this sun-kissed afternoon when i unwisely decide to just take a tiny peek at Twitter. Giovanni is talking about trying to get a shot of William Hurley on stage at Mix 07 with the Pussycat Dolls and suddenly I think: What The Hell Happened To The Enterprisey Vendor Formerly known as BMC?

A couple of months back the RedMonkers were invited to a select bash held by Adobe in its San Francisco offices – people like Tim O’Reilly and Scobleizer came. Lots of ISVs showed off what they are building using Adobe technology. One of them was BMC. CTO Tom Bishop, an old friend of mine, was in attendance.

But back to William Hurley. He is keynoting at Microsoft’s event for Web 2.0 developers next week. He got seriously Dugg for this. Not Microsoft’s enterprise TechEd event, but its gig for all things cool.

Mix is even taglined the 72 hour conversation.

I don’t want to make this a long post because I have work to do, but it also strikes me that BMC was early to blogging. Hurley recently joined BMC as its chief architect of open source strategy. I think he may get some things done so competitors, partners and prospects take note.

Basically I just wanted to say BMC seems a lot cooler since Cote left…

disclosure: BMC is a sponsor. Microsoft is a supporter.

BMC is a client.


  1. As you will also notice, once they got rid of me, their stock-price started the steady 06 climb to $30+.

    Coincidence? 😉

  2. Note to self: Fire Cote

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  4. Hey, man! No fair! We love Cote (and miss him, too). In fact, he’s the one who got us started with this “blogging” stuff. Yeah, whurley’s cool, but he doesn’t have that cute-little-thing-that-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of over a letter in his name. (By the way, I can never figure out how to include that when I’m typing Cote, so it’s pretty plain. Sorry, Cote.)

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