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That Guy Calacanis Really Knows Link-baiting

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I don’t know Jason Calacanis but I know he is tight with Scoble and Gillmor (who doesn’t link, but appreciates gesture). He works at Sequoia Capital but he is probably better known for blowing things up at Weblogs, Inc. Anyhoo – today he explains how to get people to link to you. I am not sure *all* the advice works, but I know I always try and link to people that link to me if I can, even if its just on the del.icio.us links. Anyway I would recommend you check out the rules yourself because they may help you build your web presence. Getting linked to by A-listers definitely helps your Google Juice. Jason knows that- he gets into high profile discussions with people like David Winer- talk about an attention clusterfsck. I gotta run now – my wife just called and offered me beers in the sunny afternoon. That’s better than any bait and hook or even bait and switch.


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  2. Jason’s reputation for bluntness [I’m not sure if it’s fully deserved, to be honest] sometimes overshadows the fact that he is a real sweetheart in real life, I am happy to report.

  3. What is this “google-juice” he speaks of?

    Can you catch a buzz from it?

    Is it anything like Mr. Jacksons “Jesus Juice”


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