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links for 2007-04-03

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  1. Ball rolling..I have no idea what the real economics are but Defence spending is about more than “do we see tanks rolling over our hills now”..it’s as much about the future. The world is NOT stable…despite our insulated lives that lead us to believe so.

    As a Canadian that has watched our military budget gutted to nothingness over the last decades…so much so that other countries have to TRANSPORT our troops around..I can tell you that is not a good position to be in either. The catch up time is enormous..and expensive.

    Where is the line? Don’t know but we aren’t just one big happy family either. We rely on the good will of those around us.

    If it hadn’t been for American supply ships during WWII Britain would not have been able to fend off the Nazi’s..was it a lack of defence investment in the prior years that left Britain so vulnerable?

    Is that a “good” thing?

    I don’t know the answer – but it would be interesting to see the spending differences in the years between the world wars and today’s spending.

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