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RedMonk pulled into Second Life By T-shirts/ Twitterature

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2ndlifeIts been an interesting day. The Adobe content has been pretty solid, although the last session of the day about Apollo left me cold. What was so interesting? At about 11:30 this morning I found out on Twitter that Shai Agassi had resigned from SAP, to spend more time with his sustainable energy. So a couple of hours later when Adobe showed a video from their “most important partner”, SAP, and the representative was Shai, i had to laugh. Could I have learned about Shai’s decision using other channels. Sure. But I didn’t. I found out through Twitter, through some of the sharpest minds in SAP’s dev ecosystem (Mat, Ed). Which is cool. Then later in the day, I get an email and it turns out Craig has built us some really swanky offices in Second Life (thanks for the pool table Craig). We now have virtual redmonk t-shirts… What really surprised me was that Craig, normally the most wired of guys, had not heard the news about Shai. So he heard it as Craigster Hax in Second Life. All I can see is, business information travels fast, and in interesting ways. Communities are where information flows. Ryan today posted a blog about Cote’s Adobe conference Twitters. Intertwingling indeed. I was actually quite taken with Second Life by the way – I will be back. But now I need to go eat some dinner and carry on this 12 hour stint of Adobe cool-aid. Sadly I missed the sunset but Craig caught it nicely at the RedMonk space.

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  1. Nice-looking digs. I’ll have to drop by again some time when you’re hanging out and share a virtual beer.

  2. Do you guys think Second Life is actually worth using? I tried something worthwhile to do in their for a few hours a couple of months ago and the best I could manage was to sigh-see Architecture.

    What overwhelms me about it is the sheer emptiness of the space, aside from a couple of locations in particular.

    Also, I can’t figure out my login password and the Linden Labs support for that is ass, so I’m not making a new account.

  3. Danno, I would use second-life (have an account that works, it seems) but unfortunately my cheap corporate PC’s video card fails the client’s requirements badly, so no go for me.

    At home? I have a 2 year old. The little time I spend there is a mix of “time out” enforcement, food preparating, mess cleaning, lego assembling, bathing, diaper-changing, screaming-ignoring, and children book reading while playing with the plush moose toy to get the kiddo a-sleeping. Alas, I most often fall asleep myself at that point (to my wife’s delight).

  4. @mike – we’ll have to arrange a time for a redmonk party
    @danno – no frigging idea yet
    @chris – i know what you’re saying. well done for getting them asleep

  5. Ugh, sorry about the terrible typing in that post. Sleep clearly affects your cognitive abilities.

    Also, I did sign up for a new account, and teleported to the offices.

    It was pretty, but there wasn’t much to do.

  6. After all these months, you finally try it out. Kudos to Craig for making some lovely-looking office space. I’ll be virtually along in person later to take a proper look.

  7. SL does it have a future for the Enterprise?…

    While on vacation the last couple of weeks, working hard tearing things down, I took some time to relax and decided to spend some time inside of Second Life (SL). Now I’ve been inside of 3D online worlds since they first started popping up way back w….

  8. Thanks Roo, it’s quite fun to work inside of SL and make things and set things up. I had fun with the RedMonk space and as soon as I get James in there again he can pay the next couple of weeks rent 😉

    Seriously though “value” is a hard one, I see it more as potential that’s untapped and waiting for the right group – I think RedMonk can do something with it and where I located them are several up and coming companies that could use RedMonk services I think 🙂


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