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links for 2007-03-21

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  1. james,

    on the KDE/MDE thing.

    Try, on a 1 gb USB ($20):

    movable python 2.5 ($10)

    karrigell (free)

    sqlite (free)
    (sqlite is included in python 2.5)

    firefox portable (http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable)

    Write your app as a karrigell application, complete with ajax, css, and all that junk, with karrigell as python framework, with built-in cgi http server, db api 2 interface to sqlite (file-based) sql92 database, on a USB drive, and absolutely no dependency from the host machine (just win 2k+, no java installation) and everything runs from the usb key, with nothing going on the hd. The system can discover whether it is on the network or not, and act disconnected or connected, and can automatically store data to web services (like amazon s3) in the background, or publish to ftp (via python’s excellent ftplib).

    I have implemented such as system (have a copy in my USB) for data entry at a bridal show in January. it took me all of 14 hours to set up everything, write the app, build the database, make 3 copies, and distribute it to the not-tech-savvy ladies that did data-entry. Worked like a charm. Instant webapp with no installation on the machines, entirely offline.
    (I did not implement the S3 thing not the ftplib thing, but they’re no big deal).

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