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links for 2007-03-15

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  1. Part-time analysts especially those who are EA’s really shouldn’t be focused on writing as this may expose them to their own media relations constraints. Instead, why not focus them towards other end-customers in terms of briefings. Consider the fact that financial services firms tend to be ahead of the curve on technology adoption over verticals such as retail or manufacturing. Likewise, folks in the UK could learn a lot from us Americans and the time zone won’t get in the way.

    Additionally, I would suggest that if the particular analyst firm had the 1/2 hour format where they practice “seek first to understand” where 20 minutes of time is spent getting the end-customer to articulate their desires, any person part-time could pontificate cliche phrases for the remaining 10 minutes such as the need for executive buy-in, having a strong ROI, etc …

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