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Why are we all looking at Google, Yahoo and Microsoft?

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When the real action, the web 3.0 – that is 2.0+transactions is being built out by EBay and Amazon. Investors should be looking at the less buzz because the action is kicking in there. People are paying for Amazon and eBay’s new services… that should perhaps tell us something.


  1. Hopefully when they do transactions they’ll actually put timely and accurate data on their web pages… like number available etc. But of course this needs concurrent data access to the DB, row locking etc. which may not scale as easily.

    I ordered a Numark TTUSB turntable from Amazon back in December, they had 2-left. An email shortly afterwards told me they were on back order, then it would be shipped in January, then in April, then yesterday in June, all the while showing that you could still order them from Amazon, not their marketplace… I cancelled last night and ordered from J&R Music world.

    I’m not sure what needs to be transactional about eBay though… care to comment ?

  2. i was thinking of eBay’s emerging telecoms business. nice context and good point on amazon.

  3. […] Tell me about all the ways I can construct enterprise web services to some of my data. Web services that have throttles, controls, authorization and the like. Web services that are transactional. That I can charge for. […]

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