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Calling Stormhoek: Save Ubuntu from pee-saster!

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calling Hugh! Ubuntu wine apparently tastes like “penguin pee” – surely, given the fact Stormhoek, like its founder and the name of the distro in question, is South African you should contact Mark Shuttleworth. I will happily broker an introduction (in fact I probably just did). Ubuntu wine: for humans, not as a book-end: why not?

The latest organisation to adopt Ubuntu Linux desktops is apparently le French parliament. You definitely wouldnt want to send them any bad wine…

Update: second rule of blogging – read the incoming link. It appears the Ubuntu wine was a serendipity not a marketing campaign.


  1. … and the holy penguin pee labeled wine is not related to the Ubuntu wine. 😉

  2. thanks jeff. caught that in my update…

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