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Where Are The Women? Scoble sees them

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Google shows how to bling your blog « Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

I like Robert Scoble for a number of reasons, not least he is prepared to fight for what is right. One of his biggest achievements at Microsoft, imho, was facing down the corporation when it was in danger of back-sliding on anti-gay discrimination.

But with Robert goes a lot further than headline-grabbing political correctitude. He has an egaliitarian mind.

A great example of this came in his roundup of folks he would like to engage with his Javascript/Google bling blog, linked to above. Out of the 18 resources cited, 5 are women. Sure that’s not 50% but its not 2% either…and we could justifiably take out the Google-specific resources… which would make it 5 out of 15…

“Ben Metcalfe (geek who did innovative stuff at BBC, but now is part of an interesting marketing/PR agency)
Dori Smith (who, got me to start blogging six years ago today and is one of the top JavaScript authors in the world)
Blake Ross (Firefox dev)
Dare Obasanjo (my favorite Microsoft dev who blogs)
Shelley Powers (who is one of the world’s JavaScript experts)
Google Maps Mania
The Unofficial Google Weblog
Google Blogoscoped
Mike Gunderloy, who has one of the best link blogs for developers around
Matt Cutts, my favorite Google blogger.
Molly Holtzschlag, XHTML guru.
Matt Mullenweg (give us the ability to use Gadgets on WordPress.com, please!)
Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web
Gina Trapani of LifeHacker (who would love these techniques)
Phil Torrone of Make Magazine (make your own Gadgets!)
Mary Jo Foley (who is interested in what ex-Microsofties are doing at Google)
Dave Winer, who’ll probably have something to say about all this.
Map Blog (Cool blog)”

And that’s it.


  1. Impressive list but it’s also just one more list I never made it onto 😉

    Seriously though can’t wait to see/hear/read what happens when he talks to several of these folks!

  2. Guv’-
    Why don’t you give us links to these great bloggers? Time is munny 😉

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