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On CBR’s Rather Brilliant Diner’s Club and Borland ALM

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Computer Business Review is an old school British IT magazine, with a clear mission and great staff continuity, which focuses on business-level IT issues. It is a datamonitor property.

In Jason Stamper it has a blogging analyst (though he calls himself an editor) with a great grasp of IT issues, and real strength when it comes to financial analysis of IT firms-not a skill that the majority of IT analysts have.

I have recently carried out a couple of speaking engagements under the aegis of the CBR Diners Club, with Jason presenting and moderating, and I have to say I am impressed. The events are really good-held at the kind of swanky restaurants that are good enough to attract waverers to the event, but more pertinently with an excellent class of delegate. Many is the time at a speaking gig where you know the attendees aren’t really decision makers (though the program said they would be). Not at these. I have met programme directors and senior IT managers and directors at the two I have done so far.

The most recent event, last week, was held with Borland, on the subject of application lifecycle management, and I was impressed with the knowledge of the audience. I learned a lot. They asked probing questions, and I was particularly impressed with how au fait with Agility and Agile methods they were.

We talked about storyboarding, and other nuts and bolts- but also to the role of requirements and how tools such as Borland Caliber could help manage them, whatever your chosen methodology. We even got to talk about elicitation– i do love that word. Borland is steeped in SEI.

So if you’re a vendor I would say consider sponsoring one, and if you’re a UK end-user why not join, come along and learn something about a subject or vendor you’re interested in?


disclaimer: I was paid for the engagement. Jason is a pal.

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