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Holy Crap Microsoft Just Got Awesome. 4k

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Jon Udell is one of the smartest guys in an industry full of smart people. I thought he enjoyed working for a media company, but then again, Microsoft is becoming a media company, and so Jon is joining. IBM has IBM TV but Microsoft has Channel 9 and a new star. 

Augmenting human capabilities indeed. Screencasting he nailed before anybody else. Oh man. Great great hire. His ridiculously fast techno announcement is here. That was the coolest press release ever created Jon. You are awesome.

Blogger/analyst/multimedia-producer- all of the above.

Jon mentioned J J Allaire on the podcast, as well he might. J J has done fantastic work on Live Writer, and frankly BusinessWeek should be talking to him, not creating truly horrible hagiographic coverage like this (yes we get it, his head is shaved and he rides a mountain bike, we get it- I would love to sponsor a race between him and Duane Nickull at Adobe though). Maybe they got the wrong guy. Allaire creates products people want (if only it would work on my XP desktop, not just my XP laptop). Allard- well, you all know how well Zune has been received.

Jon and JJ and Ray – are the soul of a new Microsoft.


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  1. Yes – mountain bike race between Adobe and Microsoft Evangelists! Let’s do it at Whistler in the summer. I’m throwing down the gauntlet – John I challenge you!! Of course I am much slower than when I used to race with the Canadian National Team as a world cup top seed:


    Here is me at Whistler in 1999 landing a 35 foot gap jump (note the purple cast on my broken left wrist)

    Winner buys beers!

  2. Jon Udell is an uber-nerd god.

  3. Jon going to MS is a bad thing. He was the only one that published with integrity. What are all those enterprisey folks who practice Management by Magazine going to do now…

  4. Duane,

    That air is lame šŸ˜‰ I was a downhill national points rider in the UK and I’ll defend the MS nerds, come and ride on the wet, marshy UK hillsides and feel fear at 40 mph šŸ™‚


  5. The last time I was clocked on a radar gun in competition on a muddy surface I was clocked at 98.6 KPH (Whistler-Blackcomb). That is approximately 58 MPH. Where I live in Vancouver (Pacific northwest) we get tons of mud and I suspect it would not provide an advantage to anyone from Redmond or Vancouver as we ride in it most of the year.


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