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Why RedMonk? Why Anne chose us

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tech decentral サ Why RedMonk

In case you missed the news, RedMonk has a new associate analyst working with us. In the link above Anne explains why she she chose us/why we chose her. What makes RedMonk special? Anne has some ideas.

One foot in the muck and one foot in the Zen laundry…


  1. I am waiting for her first in-your-face kick-butt and take names posting. Maybe she should discuss the top 10 things large enterprises should consider when procuring industry analyst research as the opening…

  2. shit, I’m so transparent online. thanks anyway. the muck is what I have been missing.

  3. i am possibly better positioned to answer that James. Happy for Anne to do some buttkicking but lets make sure her boot is heading in the right direction.

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