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Come on IBM, Up Your blog Game, Its time to get busy with OPML

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Sam Ruby: IBM Blogroll

I have been wondering why IBM has been so slow to jump on the OPML bandwagon. If you’re at IBM and don’t know why you should be excited by it then go read Alex Barnett’s blog. He has been doing a great job of tracking the future of this technology, which allows for semantic (lightweight not formal SemWeb) comparison and aggregation of what people or organisations are interested in.

The link above from Sam Ruby shows how IBM’s approach to documenting which employees blog is currently static when it could be dynamic. Dynamic is better, because it helps enable the synchronised web.

I am fairly certain there is someone at IBM that is all over OPML. I just don’t know who you are.

Its a great opportunity, IBM.

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  1. Apparently, they do provide an OPML file, though it is neither well-formed, nor valid, nor advertized correctly, in fact, it doesn’t even put the right data into the right attributes:


    For people wishing to consume OPML files, I recommend that they be aware of these common issues:


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