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On Oracle and Eclipse, Corporate Info Gluttony, and collaboration as a feature, not a product

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Tim Anderson On Oracle, JDeveloper and its relationship to Eclipse and Netbeans. Oracle’s Eclipse strategy may not be what you thought it was.  Tim also has a solid post on Windows Live Writer, which he likes, but also asks the tough question, how come at Microsoft Live speed is not a feature?  Live gallery reporting an error

Online services need to at least feel as responsive as offline services, but for now Microsoft seems to be much better at the latter. 

Jeff Jonas, IBM privacy scientist and data aggregation guru, talks to why organisations should perhaps collect less, not more data.  The slippery slope of antennae on our heads

I also enjoyed a post from Jonathan, which never uses the * 2.0 jumpshark meme, but explains how collaboration is growing in importance. We’re moving to collaboration across all of our business applications. The blog post includes a nice roundup of tools of online collaborative editing, pointing to stuff like SubEthaEdit and Gobby (which I had never heard of). Basically I see an argument that collaboration is now a feature, not a product (interesting implications for collaboration vendors). Look at stuff like jabber, RSS and SIP. Collaboration is technically now another service to call. Of course its changing human behaviours that drives real collaboration, but that’s a different story.  

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