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Windows Live Writer: Pretty damn slick

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I have to say this is FAR closer to what I want from a blogging client. Microsoft just nailed it, from what i can see. Truly Wysiwyg, calls up past posts and allows edits without reposting. Look and feel is good.

Sadly I forgot my Nokia cable and the new Thinkpad X60 doesn’t find the phone so I can’t post pictures. But expect some more cool looking posts in future. For now though its 6:30pm in Amsterdam – in other words, beer o’clock.  


  1. Agreed. Although formerly a w.bloggar fan, I’ve been banging the drum for WLW since one of the developers came along to my blog to ask me to give it a try (after I admit, I’d got the wrong end of the stick about WP.com compatibility). The plugins are great, too. Probably the only issues I have with it are the lack of ability do coloured text, write my own HTML macros, and currently the lack of full Roller support.

  2. We just started using it too. We switched from w.bloggar to Zoundry a while back–the w.bloggar spell-checker was just awful and *having* to write in HTML could be distracting. The upgrade to Live Writer is less dramatic but it’s a distinctly more polished application (even if I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft’s garish color schemes).


  3. I’ve been using Windows Live Writer for two months now (http://www.ebizq.net/blogs/column2/archives/2006/08/windows_live_wr.php), and absolutely love it (except there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the language of the spell checker). I’ve found it completely functional with Movable Type, WordPress and Blogger blogs.

  4. Too bad it only runs on Windows…

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