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What is Hallam Foe? Movies in the Participation Age

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the Hallam Foe blog

Tonight I am going to along to see an early version of a new movie called Hallam Foe, as one of Hugh’s wizard wheezes.

Bloggers, inveterate networkers and often self-styled critics of everythiing, are a potential route to narrative and community (making buzz which can be turned into money). So we’re invited. The script was also worked on by posting the content online and looking for comments – Linus eat your heart out.

The best protection for intellectual property is implementation. Its not the script that matters but the movie.

So its all good. A bit of participation age movie making.

I even didn’t go home to kiss Farrelll goodnight in order to go along, so you can see I am into it. There are some cool people going along, too, which is one reason I am looking forward to it. Obviously I hope the movie isn’t’ a dud. It has some great actors so it should be watchable.

What is Hallam Foe? It even has a wikipedia entry.

I will be saying more tomorrow. Although I have a lot of work-relating blogging to get done too.

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