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Now that is a hill climb

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Forthcoming: Mt Ventoux

The lads (Dean, Sig, Thomas) done good.

Was that a red viognier varietal, at the end of the video, Sig? I know its often used in red blends, but I am more used to pure Viognier as a white…


  1. Hi James, of course, forgot that was the part of the “climb” that you would have missed most! 🙂

    (Making notes for the committee for next year’s climb/tour)

    You’re right, the Viognier was a white, bought a few of the 2005 – but we were all very, very positively surprised by his red – Roi Fineant, 2001 – the video did not get the comments, but the first sniff was stunning and the wine was truly floral, fruity (hey, you’re the expert so I do not want to wander into the lingo here…) – light it was and a perfect companion to the post climb provencale daube (local variant of stew).

    It was his most expensive wine at 10 € a bottle, tried the 2004 version too (8 €), but that one was not even close.

    A neat way to round off the climb I would say 🙂

  2. Erratum (after proper label inspection): The red was “Roi Faineant”, La Ferme Saint Pierre, Paul Vendrau, Côtes du Ventoux, 2001!

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