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Great job bloglines. great great job

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I was just beginning to get fed up with the bloglines/Firefox combo. too much delay in calling down posts. I was on the verge of going back to the search for an offline aggregator. then today with no fanfare bloglines suddenly stopped barking. That’s right – its no longer a dog. The wonders of AJAX, I assume- lets just update half the page… what a good idea. Its rather amazing they got such a performance boost without significant back end changes. I had been hoping bloglies would purchase a bunch of new servers or something. Anyway- thanks folks. Bloglines feels like a service a professional can use.

That is my bloglines reedbacking.


  1. There are many significant back end changes, but its hard to do a public blog post about ‘fetching your subs just became 10ms faster!!! woohooo!’. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    Paul Querna
    Bloglines Engineer

  2. You might also want to checkout Google’s new reader it’s dam fast, I just swapped to it today and I’m very impressed.


  3. That is crazy Paul! Surely the post should say exactly that – what am i missing?

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