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Sony Needs To Fire Top Brass To Inspire Love

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Uninnovate.com サ Sony fails to prevent Playstation Emulator for PSP despite many attempts

I like Sony products. I am a huge fan of its TVs, for example.

But lock in is a crime in my book, and this kind of obsession with stopping people doing things is the quickest way to disaster. Why iis Sony so oriented to the uninnovate?

Howard Stringer got the job to drive “synergy” between content and devices. But there is no real synergy there from a customer point of view-only DRM (digital lard). See Apple – they don’t own the content, geddit?

Lets have a war around high def DVDs – and use our content as bait. Yes – great idea Sony. I am sure there are no historical perspectives there.

Why can’t we have some fresh-thinking from the firm- learn from Lego, encourage mods, don’t stop people from building cool things on top of your technology.

Every day SONY gets weaker in the market. Its a great shame.

Its surely time to cut the company in two – one that builds great electronics, one that agglomerates music, movies and games. The future is in convergence, not synergy, but its users that drive convergence. Digital lard on the other hand leads to uninnovation.

Splitting the company would allow shareholders to realise some value, and for customers, like me, to fall in love with Sony again.

Update: Things may be even worse that I thought. This is about finances falling off a cliff- not the time to turn off prospective customers. James Robertson points to some numbers that indicate in a wrist-slitting exercise SONY will bleed to death long before Microsoft.

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