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I am in Hursley Tomorrow to meet the bleeding edge/second life types

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And I forgot to give them a heads up. So Darren, Graham, Ian, Rob and Roo, I hope at least some of you are presenting, along with Rod Smith – who is helping to turn IBM Software Group inside out (in a good way.).

I look forward to dorking out tomorrow. Please have wi-fi set up so I can do some live blogging and tell the world a bit about smart dust, companies as avatars in second life, and all that kind of thing.


  1. See you there, but WiFi access at an IBM analyst event … dream on Jimmy boy 🙂

  2. Good that you blogged this, or I wouldn’t have known – will try to modify my plans and be in the office 🙂

  3. blimey – the ethernet is working.

  4. came over looking for you a couple of times (assuming the house), but unfortunately I don’t know where you are… oh well… another time!!

  5. James,
    Hey looks like an interesting trip. http://eightbar.co.uk/ posted something about the day. I’m struck by Darren’s words about working smarter and spending time talk about stuff rather than, what I interpreted to be, following a set agenda and structure.

    How was the trip from your end?
    — Joe

  6. James, I’m gutted to have missed it. I need to catch up with you at some point!

  7. If anyone wanted a more informal session, I would have thought that’s a possibility. Or something about a specific topic or area we’re working in.

    From bits I heard during the day I think a lot of people would have been interested in what Roo and Ian have been doing with virtual worlds. They were busy on Tuesday, but they’re always open to people wanting to find out a little bit more.

  8. i was frankly staggered there was no second life being demoed.

    on another note-the blanket NDA completely buggered my ability to blog on what I learned. there were at least two extremely cool things i would have blogged on. but not allowed.

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