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Women in Information Security: Hey Anne and Kathy!

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Discovering Identity: 1 Man 200 Women Sun Identity Manager 7.0

Its great to see someone talking about an IT conference where women outnumbered men so heavily. Ok so it was a conference for women, but that doesn’t lessen the quality of the people, obviously.

But as Mark says: “The attendees were exceptional contributors to the field of information security – mostly Chief Information Security Officers, Directors of Information Security from major corporations, or highly influential practitioners in the Information Security field. For example the woman who won the Sun-sponsored prize drawing at the end of the evening was Rhonda MacLean of MacLean Risk Partners, who is a Distinguished Senior Fellow with Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab. It was an honor to be including in such an elite group – even if I was the only man around.”

Sun has its own privacy supremo, Michelle Dennedy, while IBM’s chief privacy officer is Harriet Pearson (who you can hear speaking through here. interestingly enough IBM’s Todd Watson 0wnz Harriet on Microsoft Live search.)

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