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Yet More Cote Driving Feed innovation thinking into systems management

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RSS and Componentization — TalkBMC

“My blog entry on RSS spurred seemed to spur some interest – it even led to an article in SearchDataCenter. I should put a plug for Cote from Red Monk since he and I have discussed RSS a bit and he’s on top of standardization and process. It’s interesting to me how standards arise in industries: 1) by way of industry groups vying thru mutual interest/benefit for standards, and 2) by de facto demand by the user community. I think RSS is a combination of the two. But I don’t think anyone anticipated all the potential end uses of RSS when it was originally defined. I enjoy seeing the chaos of innovation around technologies beyond intended purposes. RSS is one of those where we’ll see uses that extend into areas such as Systems Management, Customer Support, and beyond. We starting to see hints of such innovation around virtual environments – specifically VMware.”

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