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More on why DRM as digital lard

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DRM is digital lard.

its greasy, opaque and is going to give a lot of users heart attacks.


  1. thank you for making that clear and concise. now how are we going to get the apple’s, sony’s, and other distributors to listen?

  2. James says:

    “don’t purchase DRM encumbered hardware and software”

    Yes, though there is another important thing we can do. Support GPLv3. Voting with our wallets is important, though GPLv3 seems the only practical defense against the DMCA.

  3. Use eMusic instead of itunes.

    DRM free music downloads at good prices.

    Also, don’t use an ipod, use jetAudio players:
    Most of them (minus the plays-for-sure label) will play just about ANY format of music and won’t lock you down…and they cost less and are comparable to ipods. Battery life is better too 😀

  4. I am actually way ahead of you devnet- i am a long time emusic fan

  5. That’s strange. You (James) did say “don’t purchase DRM encumbered hardware and software”, but now your comment is gone. That makes my response comment seem out of place…

  6. oh crud sorry Peter. my bad-i must have deleted my own comment when cleaning up comment spam! doh!

    I said – there is a simple answer: don’t buy DRM encumbered hardware and software.

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