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Laughing with Mainframes: What a bunch of Hoey

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YouTube – Mainframe – The Art of the Sale, Lesson Three

I first met fellow mainframe blog author Bob Hoey earlier this year and thought – solid executive, knows the score, we got along well.

He is personable and funny. But I didn’t realise quite how funny he is. Nor what a great sidekick Tim Washer would make.

Recently the iSeries folks started nailing some solid humour in their ads, and now the System z folks have caught the bug.

A $100k mainframe – “are you looking to replace your 386?”

This may all sound dry but I am telling you the three videos are very funny. Go and check them out.

Well done Bob for laughing at yourself. Selling big iron the David Brent way.

System z: Its like a barn.

Oh yeah – I am back. I must be sick. First post… on system z…

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