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Playing Around with Blog Format

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Hello, this is Coté. I’m messing around with Jame’s blog layout today, so if you see it in a screwy state, apologies.

Update: I’m mostly done. Here’s what it looks like in Safari. Now for a little IE touch-up.


  1. Cote

    I thought James had got sick of being on holiday! Just a little thing – I’m in Firefox, with the Skype plugin, and it looks like you/James might have an alpha “O” in his work telephone number (“Work: +44 (O) 207 481 4900”) – the cell number looks fine.
    Take a look – http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhayman/227828539/
    You’ll see that the work number “breaks” between the “+44 (O)” and the rest.

  2. So that’s what happens when James goes away for three weeks… he turns his back and Coté starts tinkering with his blog!

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