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Industry Analyst Embeds Himself in SAP Developer Network

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Smart move, Curt. SAP is going to be a rich hunting ground as it moves further into unstructured data, and starts focusing on sidewalks and cafe’s rather than power plants. Its good to see another analyst who realises it makes sense to have a conversation with developers, not just CIOs.

I think we’ll see a lot more of this in future. Experts, industry analysts and the like, are going to embed themselves in other communities, rather than trying to drive all interactions back to a mothership.


  1. Having Curt on board, along with a few others recently of a non developer nature, and the fact we have also launched the Business Process Expert (BPX), has been a rather chaotic time for some of our more long term users but adjustment and adaption is the name of the game and although Curt’s method of bloging is rather, well it’s not as wordy or lengthy as what our community is generally used to it’s nice to have him on board and we look forward to the future with wide open arms, whether it be you strange analyst folks :-), cultral ones, business folks, more developers, open source, scripting languages, or the latest and greatest coming out of SAP Labs – I think we are ready for it.

  2. Read the SDN fire today. Curt took a singe, so I hope he comes back. I’d like to see more analysts “embedded” so Cote and co lets see you in there too….
    You might even get a t-shirt.

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